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Located in New York, NY, MaxW Media is a digital marketing and advertising firm dedicated to advancing and helping small and medium sized businesses grow.

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At MaxW Media, we offer a range of solutions and services to fit your brand's needs and grow your brand. Our solutions increase profits and revenue, and connect your brand with new customers through digital marketing and advertising.

Our array of solutions include marketing and sales research and strategies, creating and/or increasing your online presence, driving sales and connections through social media, advertising and product photography/videography, and orgainizng advertising campaigns.


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At MaxW Media, we offer a variety of marketing and advertising services and solutions, with low upfront costs and easy monthly payments. 


maxw funding: Investing solutions


marketing solutions


Marketing Research and Planning

  • Create cohesive marketing plans
  • Maximize consumer base
  • Effective positioning in market


Influencer and Media Branding

  • Expand into new audiences
  • Grow consuemer trust / credibility
  • Drive online sales


Social Media Branding and Marketing

  • Build brand trust / credibility
  • Create an audience for your brand
  • Drive online sales

brand visuals solutions


Website Design and Implementation

  • Drive sales through the web
  • eCommerce solutions availalbe
  • Professional websites build trust


Professional Photography + Videos

  • Increase online sales
  • Increase brand credibility
  • Showcase products / services


Branding and Social Media Visuals

  • Engaging content for customers
  • Active accounts drive more traffic
  • Helps consumers remember you

advertising solutions


Custom Advertising Campaigns

  • Custom / Flexible Budgets
  • Visual-based advertising
  • Drive online sales


Advertising Platforms

  • Google
  • Social Media (FB, IG, Pinterest)
  • Traditional Media

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